One Drop Y-Factor Review

Buy it.

I will start this by saying this yoyo kills everything in its price range, even the Void.

I am tired of writing full reviews, so here is why you should get it.

  1. Cheap price for a metal.
  2. Amazing play. Super stable, amazing sleep times, and nice size. Plays better than my Hatrick. Super Smooth and has great…
  3. Response and bearing. These two things are top-notch. Very tight binds. Quiet bearing that spins for 15+ seconds on a flick.
  4. Great Grinds. One Drops new Pyramatte finish as well and its signature grooves make this an excellent grinder. Sure its not as good as General Yo or ILYY bead blasts, but then again nothing is as good as General Yo or IlYY beadblasts.
  5. Sweet IRGS. One Drop has been known for not having IRG lips, now, with the Y-Factor, they should be known for having amazing IRG lips.
  6. Awesome colors. Right now there are 7 different choices, and you can mix and match all of them.

Well that sums it up. The Y-Factor is my new favorite yoyo, and competes well with the top modern undersized yoyos. Really this yoyo plays as good as anything on the market, excluding 150+ dollar aluminums and titaniums. Buy yours now. NOW!

Great review! Could you post some pics? Maybe show the Y-Factor next to your Hatrick or something.

Sure, ill modify my orignial post soon with pictures.

Mine is in the mail, it might get here today! YAY Onedrop!