Ne drop y factor

Hey! I never really hear anything about y factors. I’m getting one in a trade, and I wanted to hear your guys’s opinions on it.

I haven’t played it but this might help-


It’s a really cute and fun little yoyo. Stability is in the middle, fun is high, comfort in the hand and on the catch is maximum!

I just gave mine to my sister-in-law to learn yoyo on. It’s just unforgiving enough that she’s going to have to learn to throw straight, but it’s stable and long-spinning enough that it’s not going to let her down. :wink:

It’s a good yoyo to own. I remember mgiroux77 mentioning that it was his main for a LONG time.

I would basically describe it as a heavier less stable 888 but with OD ano patterns and blast, along with the grooves in the catch zone and different axle system. I enjoyed mine but it didn’t do much for me that I hadn’t already experienced with other yoyos.

Oh, well since I haven’t really experienced many yoyos, I guess I’ll give it a try!

Its a nice undersized, very fun to play with, grinds pretty well too.

One Drop’s found a secret to making great fun undersized throws :smiley:

And if I dont like it I can trade for something else.

So its a bit of a fixer upper- so its got a few flaws. Its undersizeness makes it kinda unstable, but hey! Its still an awesome throw! It is a bit of a fixer upper but I’ll give it a chance! I can fix this fixer upper up with a little bit of love!

(If you get the reference your my best friend)

So ding it to your heart’s content (i got the reference)

Why is there like no mention of this yoyo on YYE?

It’s not in production anymore and had its time in the spotlight already. You hear people mention it from time to time or see them come up on the BST.

How much is one worth since its not in production anymore? Just curious since I may not like it and trade it (hopefully with it and maybe a few other cheaper throws someone will trade me a summit!

Hard to say. I’ve seen them go for up to $70 or so depending on condition and colourway. I had one up for $30 with no takers but it was not original ano (rims were polished and catch zone had an effect done on it).

There are 2 pinpricks on 1 side, half red half blue.