Y-factor review

I love onedrop, their service, amazing, their products, amazing, their innovation, awesome, their players, awesome-er. Now this was my first metal, and I hope it will be yours too.


Diameter: 50.40 mm / 1.98 inches

Width: 41.30 mm / 1.63 inches

Gap Width: 4.70 mm / .185 inches

Weight: 66.40 grams

Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
(One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)

Response: One Drop Flow Groove

Response Depth: .075

First impressions:
wow, its sooooo tiny. The metal is smooth, the grooves feel great, the irg is so prominent. It feels great to rest my fingers on the flat rims with my finger in the gap. The yoyo comes in a standard brown box with a hole in it so that you can see the color of the yoyo. There are 2 small laser engravings on each side reading “Y-FACTOЯ”

Ok, there are a LOT of small details here. The response is a recessed silicone pad .62mm thick, laying .13 mm below flush. The signature 1drop grooves are present on this model, I cannot express how much I love the 1drop grooves, they feel so good in your hand. Some may ask, but is there a practical function they have, the answer is yes. The grooves are the thin grooves from the OG project and are there to reduce friction meaning longer grinds and bigger suicide loops. The yoyo itself is a v shape with flat rims. Some may say it looks like a project series, and it does, who cares?
The yoyo is highwalled. The rims are hollowed out to make an EXCELLENT irg, seriously, you could walk all day with the yoyo attached to your thumb its so deep… Then we have the axle, it is 1drop’s press-fit axle from the m1’s and the dingos. The press fit axle will NEVER strip due to over-tightening. You could also hubstack your y-factor, although I do not recommend it. The bearing is 1drops miracle 10 ball bearing that comes slightly thin lubed. Finally, the new 1drop pyramatte finish is present, it is a matte finish tumbled in pyramid shapes.

This yoyo is dead smooth. The yoyo is solid with a little float, giving you hang time when you pop it in the air. The 4.7 mm gap being easy to catch. The response pads were to slippy for my taste (then again, I like DEAD tight binds, no slip possible) so I replaced the pads with silicone which fixed the problem. On hops, the gap is very easy to hit due to the lage, V shaped catch zone. The gap has no snags with the stock response, a little snaggy with silicone. Whips are easy to catch. The grinds are not up to my standards. I know many people love the finish, I would like a soda blast. There is nothing wrong with pyramatte, its just my preference. The irg is very nice, its so deep, I could stick both thumbs in a cup if I wanted to. Then we get to suicide, The grooves and V shape make the suicides nice and wide open, I found suicides were made easier with this yoyo.

Final thoughts:
just get it…

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The Y factor doesn´t have flat rims.

Please don´t post pics from other stores, those pictures belong to YYN.

sir, I have not read anywhere that you cannot post other site’s pictures
I consider the fims flat even if they are a bit angled

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Posting a picture of a yoyo from another store is the same as posting a link to the yoyo on that store.

from a …

I got some lag an accidentally pressed post.

how do grooves affect suicides?

less surface area to touch=wider loop

although it shouldn’t make THAT much of a difference, its there

What yoyo does it play similar to?

Nothing, its a unique solid floaty feel

dude, when you do a suicide, the string doesn’t touch the area of the yoyo that has the grooves. the grooves are just for looks and grinds

Basically it’s a project 2 but more floaty

its actually pretty different then the p2, but even if it wasn’t, the p2 is awesome

How stable is it compared to a dv888 and a protostar?

have no idea, the protostar should be super stable though…

dude it is EXACTLY like a p2. like… exactly. but the irg is better in the y-factor. everything else is the same

Is your y factor stable or does it tilt. There are some yoyos that are just really stable some that arent as stable and you need to know how to play with them. How is the y factor?

its stable to a good player, if you go sloppy, it will tilt all over the place.

Nice Review ;D but, I felt different about the Y-Factor :-.

It had a more solid feel and wasn’t floaty. I felt it was a slug on the string you really had to push to get it moving. The play felt vaguely similar to the SuperStar.

Besides those facts, it felt great in the hand and was smooooooth.

Anywjo, Mr888 great job on the review, can’t wait to see more.

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