One Drop Y Factor: A High Speed YoYo Review

Long before there was a low cost FundaMetal line there was One Drop Yo-Yos, a company that almost single handedly redefined what to expect from a low priced metal yo-yo. One Drop’s business philosophy is as simple as the drum beat that they are named after, they want to provide the highest quality product with the most amount of soul. They worry more about making a well-designed product and less about making a profit. Today we see the release of One Drop’s seventh release, the Y Factor. The name was derived from the fact that Shawn and David took the y-factors, the best known parts from their previous designs and have implemented them into this new product. They shied away from the x-factors, the unknown and experimental, the result is a culmination of all of their past ideas in one small, $75 package. Now is the time when we look to see if playing it safe has paid off or is they should have shaken things up a bit.

SPECIAL NOTE: This review is going to take on a different format then our other reviews. Normally, a single reviewer will take on a product and Brett Grimes never reviews a One Drop product due to him being sponsored by the company. In this rare instance Brett and I are going to tackle the Y Factor together. Each section will be broken up into my comments and Brett’s comments with a label for each. While this will make for a longer than normal review, it should also give more detail and opinion than one reviewer can offer. Also, since I wrote up my review without reading Brett’s it will be fun to see if we agree on the Y Factor.

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What your favorite color combination for this yoyo?

Green and Purple!

Just bought one today man… SO EXCITED.

And it’s my first metal.

Nice man! I just ordered green/blue. Looks like its one hell of a yoyo.

You might disagree but not a good choice for your first metal

Why do you say so?

i hope their selling these at BAC :slight_smile:

I am curious why you say this, not trying to pick a fight. i am honestly curious.

I would consider this a great first metal. It is wide, and medium paced in play. It has all the bells and whistle that a higher priced metal can offer without breaking the bank.

What would you consider to be a good first metal. Again, I don’t mean for that to come off snide. I am genuinely curious as to what you consider a good first metal. My students ask me all the time and I wouldn’t mind some other opinions.