I’m interested in buying an h shape yo yo.

It could be bi metal or mono metal but I’m hoping to stay under about 150 dollars.

The benchmarks look like they’re a good idea to better understand the different shapes available, but if any of you guys had some h-shapes that you have had good experiences with, I’d love to hear more.

And just to clarify I’m not seeking to buy any of your yoyos, just looking for some information on h-shapes before I pull the trigger on one myself.


One Drop is great. I have a Benchmark O and its awesome. I have a Vanguard which is sort of a less wide H and its also super awesome. I’ll probably be picking up a Benchmark H before too long as well.

Horizon is extremely stable. I don’t have any bi metals, but others on this site have said it’s stability is comparable. I have a Shu-ta, horizon, and kenshin and I think the horizon is the most stable. It is also cheap (45) and good for finger spins. I like the finish too.

Thanks for the quick responses; I didn’t realize my horizon was an h shape. It looks like I already own all the shapes now. Including micro since I have a mighty flea.

I don’t have a bi-metal, how important would you all say trying one out is? I don’t own a titanium either but I’m doing this one step at a time, so I figure a bi-metal should come first.

I was looking at the nightmare, it looks awesome but if there are better bi-metals out there it would be cool to hear from you guys.

Proper bimetal designs provide a level of performance that is a notch above anything monometals can provide. The cheapest ones I can think of are the YYF Nightmare and iyoyo Steel, but there’s a few more around that price range that I can’t think of off the top of my head. I’d suggest looking into those 2 if you want to try a bimetal though. They really portray what bimetal is all about, large steel rims to maximize rim weight, power, spin time, and overall performance.

For an extreme H shape, I would like to recommend the HiDRA for mono-metal and FiRROX for bi-metal. They are both great yoyos.

I second the hidra or firrox. Never played a firrox but I trust it’s amazing, I have a hidra and I really enjoy it.

I’m in a similar boat as you, trying to collect a bunch of different yoyos (size, material, shape, company). I have no bimetals yet, but am looking at the steel, draupnir, and hideoshi to purchase. I am holding off on titanium for a bit longer.