Lots of V-shape bi-metals as of late.

Anybody else see the trend that’s going on lately? I see a lot of v-shape bimetals. Nothing wrong with that though, my Sengoku Nobunaga is one fine yoyo.

v is one of the more easier shapes to put into bimetal… because you already have the thin body with the big rims… just shave a bit of the rims off and you can put the rims on…

organic is a bit harder because you have to put round rims on and that is prone to a few complications.
You can also do it with h but alot of people tend to follow the path of the draupnir since it is so popular. We people like to tend to stay in the comfy zone and not strike out to much.

There is many kind of yoyos, you may label them as “fun” “comfortable”, “special”, you name it, and modern yoyos are all quite good, an exceptional skilled player can win with an “ok design” regardless of shape. But if you want to go performance, I bet Stephen Hawkins will agree that V shape (of course with proper variants and weight distribution) is the way to go for top performance on modern yoyos, and it happens that the reason of most of bi metals is performance, so, expect to see most bi metals in a V ish shape :slight_smile: