Gyroscopic flop spins out of control


Any tips for preventing this from happening?


This happens to me sometimes, you just have to see when the yoyo is spinning out of control and reject the string before that


It looks like you may be whipping over the left half of the yo-yo instead of the right half. Cant tell exactly from the video, but that would cause the problem you’re having.


The strings should never touch the walls of the yo-yo, only the bearing. You should be tugging the string perpendicular to the axis of spin and you will need to adjust your hands as the yo-yo processes.


The angle of the yoyo should only be a little off from the plane of the strings.

The more you touch the sides of the yoyo, the faster it will flop, but the more spin it will lose, and when you lose spin it looses stability.

Try going slower and varying the tension and angles until you get a feel for how to control the rotation without losing spin.

Also, as stated before, string should not touch yoyo.

Andre is really good at this if you watch his videos you can see how well he controls it.