The problem when doing the gyrolutions is that i cant catch the slack. So i start the gyro flop and when the yoyo is horizontal i kind of do a revolutions but horizontally but when i want to stop i have no idead how to catch the slack.

just catch like revolutions

sometimes using the thumb helps

So you’re alternating above and below your wrist, right?

I catch the slack after I go above my wrist. Remember to pull it sort of tight, because you’re supposed to finish the flop after catching it.

You have probably heard this before but it is the best advice, practice more. The more you try it then one time you will get it and then you keep trying from there.

guys i can catch once i finish alternating above my wrist i want to catch it i cant. String tension is fine.

rotating slightly slower actually opens the slack up.

also, if you go from a 1.5 mount, and swing up into a mach mount, you will have an extra wrap, i find that opens the slack up more as well.