Gyroscopic Flop/Revolutions


Can anyone give me tips on how to do gyroscopic flop, revolutions, and gyroscopic revolution (I don’t expect to learn it anytime soon because its really hard.)

gyroscopic flop:
I pretty much know how to do it. It’s just how do I make it spin longer? (I can only do it one full spin)

I can get into a 1.5 mount, and I can spin a dead yoyo in and out. Slack tricks are hard, i don’t really get how I can make the loop follow the yoyo around?

gyroscopic revolution:
This is just for pros that know how to do this. I just want to know basic tips on how to do it

sorry this is a lot to read, but it would really help if you guys gave me some tips. thanks ;D

Gyro flop: make sure the strings don’t hit the sides of the yoyo. That is the #1 cause of yoyos dying during flops.

Revolutions: the loop follows the yoyo as long is the string is in the gap and the yoyo is spinning fast enough. Andre says that you need to make the 1.5 mount to doing the trick instantaneous, but you don’t. Hit the 1.5, pause and grab the string the correct way, and then start the rotating. Inside first!

Gyro revolutions: same thing as with Revolutions, but sideways obviously. This seems to help lots of people I know with this trick: do the houdini whip (or the first part of kamikaze) and then do the flop from there. All the strings will be in the gap and won’t get tangled as easily. Either way works though.

Of course, all of this takes practice.

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