slack trick help

I have a lot of trouble with slack tricks like revolutions i cant make the nice circles like in the video any advice

Try this: go to split the bottom mount, use your right thumb to pinch
both strings, and then you twirl it like a nice circle.

Happy Throwing! =]

Hi there, slack tricks like Revolutions take some practice to get down. You want to make sure you can throw a solid 1 1/2 mount for this trick. Pinch the string hard with your thumb and pointer finger, and then swing the yoyo towards yourself, but rotate the swings from the inside to the outside of your wrist. You will know you are doing it right when you see the string loop chasing the yoyo around in circles. I think almost all slack tricks require that “pinch” so you might want to look at tricks like slack trapeze and trapeze-triangle slack if you haven’t already. Good luck!

Hello, you probably just need to loosen or tighten your string tension…I had the same problem too. Hope this’ll help. ;D