Revolutions Tips.

This is a post on tips about Revolutions. I finally got this trick about a week ago, and I do it from a Split Bottom Mount.(A.K.A. the backwards 1/2 Mount.) Ok, land in a Split Bottom Mount. Even up the top string with the loop on your throwhand pointer. Now, swing the yoyo up towards the top string. Swing smoothly or it will fail. Go outside inside until you can stop. Once you stop, put your non-throwhand pointer out into the loop and stop it quickly. You have completed Revolutions. Looks cool, huh? Now, lets see you do it! :wink:

hey can u give me a tip on how to swin and i dont get it and where do u need to pinch for the slack>

Ok, for the Split Bottom Mount, pinch the loop and the string together so it has the loop on your index and the string almost around it. Then, move your arm in a little towards you, swing outside towards you, then move your arm the opposite way and swing inside inward. Keep doing that. :wink: