I’ve watched the video many times it’s just I don’t know which way to slack the sting (clockwise
or counter-clockwise).


Once you are in the 1.5 mount pinch then swing the yo-yo forward on the inside of your throwhand.


Try it from a Split Bottom Mount.

It’s the cheaters way. :wink:

(Jei Cheetah) #4

true, but he should learn it the real way.

When you get into the 1.5 mount.

Pinch the string, and you will be swinging the clockwise if you are right handed, or counterclockwise if you are left handed.

Check the video tutorial again, and you will see what I mean.

Keep practicing, and you will get it.

Good luck!



Check this out:

(Zach Smith) #6

Gerard’s is probably better than mine but I’ll give you mine anyway.  :stuck_out_tongue: