Gyro Flop - lefty thrower, playing string as a right-hander made it much better.


I’ve learned Gyroscopic Flop, and have been practicing it over the last 2 weeks.

Smoothness and number of rotations is a not quite as consistent/good as I would like, and controlling the speed of the rotations needed more consistency. I figured that as technique improved, so would the trick.

(I’m doing the trick as taught in AB’s tutorial here on YYE - throw a sleeper, use the non-throwing finger and thumb to grip the string about a foot above the yoyo and lift the yoyo up to about stomach level. Then throw the whip directly in front of you toward the throw…)

When I throw the whip - as a lefty - the loop always circles the bearing from around the left side of the yoyo. Seems pretty natural :slight_smile: However, yesterday I noticed that one time the whip - from my left hand - caused the string to loop around the right side of the yoyo. I thought that was weird, but as I know fluky things can happen, I just proceeded with the trick.

Well, everything I wanted to improve about my GF trick improved. Control, number of rotations, you name it. The only problem was trying to recreate getting a left-handed whip to loop around the right side of the yoyo!

My first thought was, "Is that the way a whip is supposed to happen - looping around the yoyo on the opposite side of the hand you throw the whip with, and I missed that point in the tutorials? I don’t think so, but I’ll definitely go back and check.

My second thought was, “If my first thought is not correct, is there something about the string orientation on the yoyo from a person throwing right-handed that differs from a lefty that would affect the quality of the trick?”

In other words, playing the trick as a right-hander would, but from a left-handed throw.

I’ve tried both ways numerous times last night and today, and the difference is clear. However, when trying it the way that works best, I have to set the string up ‘manually’, rather than whipping from my left hand to loop around the right side of the yoyo - whipping that way - if that’s the way whipping is - is going to require a lot more practice!

Curious to know your thoughts on this.


I’m lefty as well, and suggest you don’t compensate your playing due to left handedness.
I have no issues with Gyro flop, not sure why you would…

Anyway, I don’t adjust play style. I won’t say you’re wrong, but maybe there are other variables?


Yes, there definitely could be. Looking at it, there should be no real reason for the difference I am seeing (that I can account for, anyway).

Assuming this is true, there can be some small factors in play/my orientation to the string and yoyo that very well could be coming into play. I’m guessing that continuing to work ‘both sides’ of this coin will eventually bring out what is happening.