Gyro flop issues.

For some reson the yoyo is twist in the string around itself instead of twisting itself free. Help?



I think the problem is not described very well. :wink:

The side you try to reject from at the end of the trick is important.

Also, which method are you using to get into the flop? It might be that you’ve already got an additional wrap around your axle compared to what you “should” have.

I go in from the Houdini mount. From there, pop the loop that’s around the thumb over the yoyo, hop off and tighten to flop. Never had this issue before but both me and a friend have suddenly run into the same problem. I’ve start flopping from the trapeze mount ever since because it doesn’t cause the same issue. The string is actually wrapping over itself, almost like it’s flopping the wrong direction.

If changing the mount changed the behaviour, surely there’s an unexpected extra wrap in there. Any way to take a picture of the yoyo’s guts right before you start the flop?

For the sake of practicality, the Kamikaze style Gyro-Flop was the one I first learned as well. Even before the Trick Ladder style Trapeze 180 Flop. However, the guy in the hat is right on this one. The Plastic Whip into the Flop makes it a lot easier to control, prolongate the trick, look overall smoother, and get a ton more rotation/“flop” out of.

I literally counted 10 Flop’s one time off the Plastic Whip that BillyBob’s Tutorial offers you. The Andre version is just as good and produced the same effect. (Don’t expect 10 actual full rotations, without really practicing or even getting past 3 without struggle.)

Anyway, it sounds like something to do with your Yo-Yo’s Hardware to me. And a NEW String or NEW Bearing/Bearing Cleaning regimen may solve the issue.