Gyro Flop

Hi guys, when I do Gyro flop the yo-yo does not rotate at all. I pull hard then harder then harder but nothing. The yo-yo starts leaning to one side then spins out and I get a knot.

Note: I do the Gyro Flop where it’s a trapeze and I twist the string and pull. I also can’t do it with the other trapeze flop.

read my topic its an easier way than doing plastic whip hope that helps

there is a better way than doing that

first just go to a houdini mount(double nothing with thumb)
then put the middle string to combine with the yoyo string
pop back pulllllllllllll

I really feel like this needs to be said: Take a look and search around the forums a bit before you make a new thread. At this point the three most recent posts in the trick section have a name close to gyro flop. As yoyo13 mentioned, his thread already had a lot of info. I believe that the other thread is nothing made to help out.

And now, to mention the mighty search button. I am not saying that it’s a bad thing to make a new thread, I’m saying that there is a lot of help in older threads. So if you search for gyro flops (remember to search in the forum) you will get a lot of results that may help you out.

Addment: Gyro flops has to be one of the tricks that gives the most questions.

Man why dose it matter if they keep asking the same question? That’s why where hear, to help anyone out the way the can, not to tell them where they can find help but to show them the way. If your gonna tell em to look at a thread why don’t you give them a hyper link. It makes people lives a lot easier. Also the more you talk about a subject the more you can learn. Say if someone did search gyro flop, when there’s more posts on it there’s more information. If you think about it, just about everything that is about yoyoing has been said on hear. If every single person use the search bar whats the point of USposters. Its not about telling them where to find it it about helping on there way thought there yoyoing journey. Now on to the subject.

On gyro flop, Its not about pulling as hard as you can, it’s about string position and the orientation of the yo yo. . Watch, see how André is moving his Hands around with the yo yo. That’s what your problem might be. Also make sure you string isn’t touching the sides of the yo. Try this stuff out and I think you will get it down quicker than those guys can say “go look at this tread”. later.

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