Guess what hit me in the face!!! *Not for the faint of heart*

Yikes, I had the same reaction as Samad! I’m just like, “hmm, I wonder! Could it be a yo-yo?” And then I see it and I’m like GAAH!!

Yes, its an all metal yoyo by the Iloveyoyo company from germany.

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that’s funny.

i think that yo-yo would have to have a pep talk with a sledge hammer! dude you still look stunned in the pic! thats crazy stuff!

who says yo-yo isnt a contact sport!!!

yeah i got hit in the face, but isnt as bad as that! dang!

I thought the “Not for the faint of heart” part was a joke. Now I feel weezy… BLAH

See if you don’t wipe off the blood as it starts to run down your face, you end up having a lot of blood running down your face (DUH!).

You can get three papercuts, let it run and then just not wipe it off. It will look a lot worse than it really is. My guess is that the cut is small, there’s just a lot of blood there.

That Wasabi needs to be put in the timeout corner. Make sure you give him a long lecture on how hitting your owner isn’t a way to solve his…

Hope ya feel better! ;D


what trick were you doing i hit my self in the lip once but your wound looks way worse

same thing happened to me long ago
maybe a year and a half ago when I got my axiom
same amount of blood

thats pretty gnarly dude!