guess the name


OK so someone give a hint about their FIRST NAME ONLY and the other people have to guess it. who ever gets it right gets to give a hint about their name and so on. ill start:

has 4 letters
pronounced differently than spelled


pronounced “La-me”



(Q) #4



yay! Q got it right. i think most people know Q’s name but give the clues

(Q) #6

It has a numeral related to five.
Also has a weight that can be standard or metric.



(Q) #8



what do i do now hmmm… okay whats my dogs name?

named after something that happens in the winter
he is white




ding ding ding! give the clues about your name


9 letters
Feminine name for Steven.


stephanie ;D ;D


Yup! That’s mee!! ;D


ok this is my name 4 letters

another word possibly for ding or scuff or scratch or flaw



My name is 8 letters long, and starts with a J.


uhh no my name isnt nick>???


and ur name is jonathan


I’m gonna go with Mark?

if it is, then most know my name, but if not, it’s 4 letters, and has something to do with a book


Page?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine’s an anagram of my user.