Grr..I'm confused

What is right? (I’m Right-Handed)

Which is Proper?

This one?..

Or this?

if your asking what finger your string goes around, it goes around your middle finger.

It’s not that big a deal, but I find that if you have it the way you have it in the 2nd picture, That the string doesn’t slide around as much. IMO it stays on your finger better without sliding around or bugging you while you are playing, if you have it the way it is in the 2nd picture.

No, I mean what is the proper string-knot attachment to your finger.

Is it Picture no. 1 or 2?

Right-handed. You have the loop facing out so when you throw, it does not loosten and fall off.

the first one is how I do it. but both work.

Both do work, but not the same. One loostens, one tightens. And, one snaps easier. :wink:

Both work, but I do it as shown in the first picture. André, in one of his videos (I can’t remember which one, but a looping one) says you put it like in the first picture for string tricks and then flip it to the second picture shown for looping, but I keep it the same for both.

It was probably the yo-yo string in matinence, or overview of looping.

The second way is correct.

Yeah, I put it on the second way.

The first picture is what I use.

Happy Throwing! ==]

I put it on my finger…

You’re back!

2 LONG weeks abroad without internet connection…