Grooved bearings

I heard they don’t last as long or sleep a long? Any confirmations?

the point of grooved bearings are to keep the string centered to make the yoyo unresponsive. they dont slow the yoyo down at all i wouldent think.they are also not nescessarily smoother or longer spinning cuz thats based on the brand and just the quality of the bearing itself.


They DO last as long, if not longer than normal bearings (can’t speak for the 10 ball because I’ve never used one) if you clean and lube it regularly.

It doesn’t make the yoyo sleep longer in the fact that it is a better bearing (unless you have a crappy one) but rather because the string isn’t causing friction on the side of the yoyo.

The grooved bearing does not sleep longer just because of the balls. But it may make your yoyo sleep longer because of the groove. The groove prevents the string from rubbing the sides of the yoyo which makes the yoyo slow down.

The way most yoyos are designed now, they aren’t really needed to keep the string away from the response system.

the KK design was utilized in the Difeyo stuff, to help stop the string falling behind the bearing.