Crucial grooved bearing


Is the crucial bearing ten ball? And what do you guys think about it? Is it worth buying?


Crucial grooved is one of my favorite bearings. I bought 8 of them(They were pretty cheap) and I’m using 7 of them in my favorite yoyos.


They’re an 8 ball bearing. I also love and have multiples of them. I like it a lot.


What’s the difference between 8 ball and 10 ball bearings? Is it sleep time?


10 balls are smoother but I find they don’t play as well.


So ten ball bearings don’t sleep longer than eight ball bearings? They just play smoother


Personally I think 10 balls do play smoother and do play better. They also last longer in my experience. However they do require more maintenance to keep it at it’s best


Pretty much. 10 balls still sleep plenty long, just not quite as long as a good 8 ball.

Each ball in a bearing has two contact points, one with the inner race, and one with the outer race of the bearing. Since 10 balls have two more balls, they have 4 more points that are contacting the races of the bearing. This equates to more stability, which leads to a smoother bearing. But more contact points also means more contact area for friction to act on, which in turn leads to 10 ball bearings not spinning as long as 8 balls.

That being said, the grade of the bearing also comes into play. An OD 10 ball will generally spin longer than a YYF Spec bearing (8 balls), because the YYF Spec bearings aren’t constructed to as high of standards.


Not to change my own subject, is the twisted trifecta any good compared to the crucial?


Bearings all pretty much play the same. Its only when your actually trying to tell the difference that you can.


Thanks for helping me decide, I’m buying two of the crucial bearings!