you know at first I thought to myself “ehh grinding doesn’t seem that great or that fun…” but after trying it a few times I’ve quickly found that I was horribly wrong!! finger grind to arm grind is so much fun to do for people pestering me to walk the dog I haven’t discovered this much unknown entertainment since that day I found my old copy of jade empire.

My friends are obsessed w/ Thumb Grinding, whether it be on my Sasquatch, G5, or Polished Marmot. They like it. They ask me to let them “put it on their thumb”. Of course, I do. Then mess w/ them but hopping it up onto a grind, which they seem to like.

I agree. I used to never grind, but now, I do it so often. I just use my 5star as it’s my best grinder

Can’t wait for my new yoyos. Whenever I try thumb grindingwith any of my cheap yoyos, they just die. :frowning:

You guys are so lucky you can thumb grind. My hands are too big. :frowning: