Need A New Trick!

Ok, i got a train wreck and i just cant stop thumb grinding on the stupid thing. Its so smooth and you can grind forever lol. I was wondering if anyones got some cool thumb grinding tricks that they wanna post so we can all learn em. Thanks! ;D

First trick - Palm to thumb to bind.

The pose afterward is not needed, although it is recommended.

pretty simple actually and already shown in another post but…

No offence Samad but I like YoyoBlazes more

You realize that was not him in the video right? And even if it was, why are you posting this? It isn’t a contest…

Wait! they are all of a sudden trying to out trick each other, and you were the first to find out?!? you gotta tell me where you get this info that it was a contest, no seriously I’d love to know!

what i do is put thumb grinds in the middle of laceration combo’s like hidemasa hook to a thumb grind to a double brent stole

Lol thanks for the posts they help quite a bit. Now i get what all i can do with thumb grinds, pretty much anything! :smiley:

Yeah, that isn’t me and I agree with Samad this isn’t a contest. We’re just both trying to help a fellow thrower.