Grinding Contest! Winner Gets Feedback!

1- coolest grind video wins. You CANNOT pick the yoyo up and put it on your hand, finger…
2- you can grind on anything possible. Not much of a rule but whatever.
That’s it. Haha. Thumb grinds are included. If you do a grind as part of a combo that would be cool. I like that.
Winner will receive feedback!!!
This contest ends on July 1 of 2012.
If you have any more questions just PM me.
Have fun. :wink:

Are you even allowed to give others feedback without trading with them?

I don’t think this will fly. Offer something real, feedback is only to be used when you actually traded. Otherwise it could be considered fraud or something along those lines.

Ummm, yeah, they’re right.
Feedback is for trades only.

Ok sorry.