Grind machine (Stackless)

The Stackless grind machine was a huge hit and miss for me even as a beginner. The aesthetics, the balance and the price are amazing for such a nice yoyo but it had some major draw backs that makes me feel as though it only deserves a 7/10.

Aesthetics and finish
The Grind machine is a very pleasing yoyo to the eye the colors are vibrant and the finish which is an oddly coarse but fast feeling surface which also adds an oddly pleasing matte effect to the bright neon colors. The Grind Machine definitely earns an 8/10 for its finish which only misses that 10 because scratches stick out so much more.

The Grind Machine was extremely smooth spinning, very little vibe or wobble when it was set up correctly, the response of the yoyo (IMO) is much better than spreadable silicone and the bearing is adequate as mine was slightly noisy. The Grind Machine earns a very solid 8/10 for performance as well.

Anybody interested in a cheap practice yoyo, a first yoyo, something to mod or something to have some genuine fun with, should definitely check this yoyo out because it will last for a good long while . The final point I would like to make is that you get what you pay for and for 12 dollars you get a very nice yoyo with some kinks you might need to iron out along the way. Thanks for reading my first review ;D

I love the Stackless Grind Machine. So awesome for 12 bucks.

Nice review, but please do elaborate more on the weight and shape, and how it affects play. Those are rather important considerations for choosing a yoyo.

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You didn’t elaborate much on the aforementioned “major drawbacks”. I don’t really count scratches showing and noisy bearings because scratches can be avoided and bearings can be changed. Cool review anyway.

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You gave it an 8/10 for both performance and aesthetics, yet overall you only give it a 7/10 without any explanation as to why.

I forgot to put in the fact that I thought the plastic is sort of flimsy around the hex screw and the nut as opposed to a yyf WHIP which looks and feels very strong, both of the sides on my Grind machine have stripped slightly without me over-tightening them. This is why I thought a 7/10 was deserved.

My apologies.

i have a grind machin with stacks and let me tell u its fun