Grind Machine Mods?

Hello Everyone. Just signed up this forum. Been out of the yoyo world for too long, and definitely missed it and now I’m back in. I recently ordered a Grind Machine. Being that I haven’t modded my yoyos in a while. I was looking to see if I could get some pointers for better improving it. Possibly new bearings and such. Would appreciate any help. Thanks :slight_smile:

… You could change/clean the bearing, change the string… Take off the hub stacks? It’s a pretty solid player especially for its price range. I’d say… Play with it? If you’re really looking for stuff to mess around with you can look into cleaning your bearing. Ask what the “best” method is. Just from the sheer amount of opinions that will pop up, that could cost you up to or more than 100 dollars and take up a lot of time. I personally wouldn’t be too enthusiastic in it. I love clean bearings, i enjoy seeing how much performance I can squeeze out of them. However, if you continue deeper into the hobby you’ll find yourself doing a lot more maintenance and wish you had more time to play. I still like tinkering though. But for that particular throw there really isn’t much need to change anything, you’ll honestly probably hurt its performance with anything besides regular maintenance. Especially considering its been designed as a triple bearing yoyo. That’s a lot of places for something to go wrong or become unbalanced, therefore causing vibe and counterproductive performance. Alternatively, if you’re really looking to branch out there’s been some threads about hub stacking a yoyo with almonds. I personally prefers to microwave my plastic throws, minus axle/nut/spacer, for about five minutes on high. You’d be amazed with how much this changes the feel of your throws!

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Why don’t you wait until you get it. That way you can decide if it needs fixing or if it’s good the way it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Frankly I never understand people who say how can I mod/fix this yoyo when they can’t say what is wrong with it in the first place or what it could do better.

p.s. Cleaning a bearing is maintenance, not a mod.

You dont need to mod any yoyo unless you really want to or need to.

If you have a preference, like disliking Yoyofactory pads or Yoyofactory bearings, then you can mod it.

Otherwise just use it to learn tricks!

And welcome back… ;D