grind machine 2


What happened to it?! I wanted one, but they are never in stock. are they discontinued?


they are discontinued, nobody bought them, so they stopped making them.


that is sad :frowning:


You can still get them in B/S/Ts,I almost got one for $50,but then DNas came out…

(Jamesofyoyo) #5

50$, thats a steel! dude that is cheep! you should have got it! I want one so bad! :-[


I never got it…


I think he knows that…


Sorry,didnt see that,I think he still has it for sale(dont truse me until I check tho).
Anyway,the deal didnt work out because of payment methods.
EDIT:gone,sorry,but you can still get others.

(Jamesofyoyo) #9

where did you see the gm 2?


Probably here.


Nope. It was probably on YYN BST.


Yes on YYN,it was a lont time ago


Wait, were you referring to gm user or legacy1?


I said I had almost got the GM2 in the YYN BST.


I thought that james was referring to legacy1 lol, sorry for the misunderstanding :-[ Need to remember to read other posts before posting…