Sooo, Is the Grind Machine 2 done for good? Will there be any more runs? I was looking through the discontinued list over at yyn and thinking “Man I waited too long to get into yoyoing.”

And yeah… Like every one else I changed my name… I figured why not… I’ve gotten a little better known and all the numbers and stuff were boring… And So I figured I’d swipe Mitch before some one else got it… There’s a lot of Mitch’s here man


The closest you will ever get to a GM2 and Phil Collins.

Lol… I was thinking about that… They are alot alike…

And Genesis isn’t half bad either… Not a real big fan though…


Since YYE doesn’t sell them, it’s all good.

Whoa… Why didn’t I see that! Now all I need to do is make the money before its gone…

Lol. They’ve been up since early june and no one’s bought em.

!!!.. I guess that means I have a good chance!

You are my hero Adam