Gennesis miggy 2...

Ok well we already have a GM2 what are we gonna call the gennesis miggy 2?
I was thinking something along the lines of GeMi 2…like it…if not post what u think we should call it

Clever because since their calling it the Genesis Miggy 2, it can be called the GM2 for short, and I think that the name they gave it is a clever name.

I know that but what are we gonna call the real GM2 then?
I think it should be GeMi2 for gennesis miggy 2 and GM2 for grind machine 2 :smiley:

well YoyoFactory is in charge of naming it, not you…

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Well… I’m pretty sure it’s still called a Genesis… haha
Although I think I heard them call it the Genesis throwback edition… shrug… although I think someone can come up with a better name

Yeah… I’m going to call it the Genesis.

I am well aware of that -.-
ook well i geuss that we can just forget callin fer short were just gonna have to type that huge freaking name…ok its settled then the orignal is still GM2 and were jus gonna call it the gennesis…

Why all the fus over what it’s called? If you want to shorten it be my guest. It’s not that big of a deal. No need to get uptight over the long spelling.