gm2 compared to genisis

im wanting a gm2 but i was wondering how the genisis was to it like how close are they to the same yoyo(shape, wieght, etc) im wondering because if i buy a gm2 and i find out that the genisis is the same without the hubstacks ill be sad

The GM2 is lighter.

The Genesis is an exact mix between the Superstar (hubs) and GM2(rims).

So… what’s with the sudden rise in GM2 demand? Everyone wants one now?

Gm2 is practically a heavier, hubstacked genesis, i luv the gm2. i recomen it

i hope they will make them again.
i still want one.

my friend have a GM2, and i think genesis is better, more stable.
with out hubstack, GM2 is a lot lighter.

Yeah, the Genesis is a lot more stable, and a little heavier.
I highly recomend the Genesis over the GM2, but if you really want a GM2, then don’t hesitate to get one. It to, is an awesome yoyo. ;D

they need to make a gm3 same evrerything except heavier