Grind Machines?

Have they been discontinued?

Not the platic ones

I think so.


Yes metal Grind Machine 2’s have been discontinued for a couple years now. The only way to acquire one would be through a B/S/T. There are many different versions, but I recommend trying one at some point in your yo-yoing life. It’s arguably one of the best YYF’s ever produced.

They’re discontinued but not out-of-production. I have seen some B-Grades and special release sometimes.

I just bought one on the nation’s B/S/T and it has many dings, but is still smooth as butter, This is one hard-core yoyo.

I was just wondering becasue I wanted a good yoyo that has a long spin time and also has stacks, probs gunna go for the 888x now though, I just wanted something a bit cheaper.

Every single version of the Grind Machine has been discontinued except for the Plastic Grind Machine version 2.

Yep, and I got one!

So yeh I’m gunna get the 888x then!