Grind Machine 2 Review

 As being my new main player, I have decided to review my Grind Machine<sup></sup>.

I did not recieve stock wrapping, so I may not vouch for that. When I recieved it from Dr.Yoyo, I resisted throwing it for a second and unscrewed it, which it did rather smoothly. It revealed silicone response and an overall beautiful look to it. The bearing, which appeared as shiny as sterling silver, upon being spun went on for a quite satisfying 15-20 seconds. That made me want to play it all the more, so I promptly screwed it back together.
When I first threw it, I was astounded. It handled all the tricks I could think of on the spur of the moment and still snapped back to my hand. No snags were in it, showing the response does good work on this yoyo. Then I really looked at the annodization on it. It is simply beatiful, not to mention near frictionless to the touch, allowing for stellar grinds. Only then, I turned my attention to the hubstacks now. They use two size A bearings on the sides, and have 2 other parts, the tiny O-ring and the hubstack piece itself. I spun it, happy that it spun for near 10. I held onto the hubstacks and pulled, putting a sleeper in the palm of my hands. I couldn’t help but just move my wrist every which way, loving the feel of the resistance felt when it changes the dimensions of play. After some more play, I learned why it is the Grind Machine. The annodization opens the door to a world of longer grinds; palm grinds thumb grinds, arm grinds are all a snap. I’m not much of a grinder, so I shall not profess much more on that point. The only disappointment on this yoyo is the sticker in the center. They should’ve gone a bit more elegant with an engraving or have just let it bare, IMO. But other than that, it feels outstanding in the hand and wants you to just play it forever.

nice review.
too bad it’s discontinued.
i always want one.

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I think it might be the next yo-yo i consider buying.

As Kristiawan stated, you’d have to get it used, then. But I do recommend it.

cool and nice reveiw imma gettin one of these now(i know there discontinued) i found a smashing deal on it and i quite like grinding so yeah tits gonna be awesome :wink:

I actually took off the stacks now, I don’t much incorporate them into my play and they just don’t fit my style.

If that’s a 1st run GM2, I’d be carfull not to hit it on the ground. It breaks.
If it’s a GM2.2, don’t worry about it, but ask Dr.YoYo which run it is just in case.

nice review, funny how it’s conviently timed at when your selling one. lol

I like to change my players a lot, experiment every which way. I’m trading it because I just do not grind, someone would like it more than I.

I like change.

but the Genesis takes it’s place if you really look at it. The genesis has the same general shape but with a few tweaks here and there to make it even more awesome and stable. plus its got no hubstacks ;D

Genesis’s act different even though they have a similar shape. Nothing will ever be the same as the Grind Machine 2. It’s all really preference though. As always.

Are you saying Hubstacks are bad? They’re removable, so I wouldn’t see how…

i guess i just got sick of them is all