Full-ish GM2 Review

Grind Machine 2 by YoyoFactory

    Shape: H Shaped
    Weight: 66.70g  
    Width: 40.98mm  
    Diameter: 56.33mm
    Gap Width: 4.26mm  
    Bearing Size: .250 x .500 x .187 in  
    Gap Type: Fixed  
    Response System: Flowable Silicone

 I purchased the YoyoFactory Grind Machine 2 (YYF GM2) from yoyonation for $90 about 3 years ago. As most people who wanted a GM2 know, it was discontinued due to a production error. Really the only way to buy a GM2 now is to get one used. The GM2 has a couple problems but is an overall great yoyo.

 Shape: H
 The GM2's H-shape makes it similar to the G5. The H-shape can be confortable or feel very strange. It's all in hand size and preference,

 Sleep Time:
 The GM2 has a decent sleep time. I have hit anywhere from 4 minutes with a new bearing to 6 minutes with a broken-in bearing (broken in from use). 

 The feel is obviously unique due to the H-shape. It's very smooth on the string when spinning. It glides across the string and has a slight floaty feel when you pop it up. 

 The GM2 was made to be an excellent grinder, and that's what it is. The thumb, finger, and arm grinds are fantastic. I found the palm grinds to be a bit sticky and ramp off of my hand though.

 The GM2 is a fantastic yoyo that I would suggest to any yoyoer. Unfortunatly, my GM2 had a couple problems when it came (Responsive out of the box, bad bearing). But after some fixing up, It's one of the best yoyos in my collection. It even puts up a battle against the CLYW Peak. If you're willing to put in the effort and time to try and find one, then I would strongly suggest you look for one. You won't regret it.