Grind Machine 2?

(Marc) #1

I just found a link to GM2’s to be sold on this site. found it through the shop link on top while I was looking at the news about the DNA
since I can’t find it in the shop or anywhere else, except when on the news page. Is there a new run of GM2’s being released here?


Nope. They are out of production.

(Marc) #3

oh okay, so i guess i just found an old link then.

(Chris Allen) #4

It is a real shame also, I love my GM2, it is a real player, and great for 5a. I feel the same way about the California, so sad to see it retire.


yeah, I have a friend that has one. it is so good! it was retired because it was unpopular.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #6

It should be popular again. I never had an experience with any but from the reviews it seem’s like a nice yo-yo. They should reproduce it.


I really didnt like it. I used 3 different ones, and didnt like any.