Grind Machine 2 LE


Does anyone know when this GM2 was released?


I do no, but I can tell you they aren’t in production. :frowning:


I just ordered one earlier today, I was surprised they were still in stock.


Where did you get it?



??? ???


Bird in hand, I think they still have some.


Oh, we thought it was online.


Oh sorry,, or you could of Google’d it. ;D


Yep, it’s there.

(Chris Allen) #11

This may be left over stock from Last years final run. Think Pre Nats. (August (ish))


Thanks for the info.

(Jamesofyoyo) #13

They should make a fundametal version GM2! Also a splash Frantic!


I think yoyofactory should put the GM2 back in production. It is probably one of there most popular yo-yos.


They weren’t really popular when in production, but everyone is going crazy for them now. I think the 888 is their most popular yoyo.


Yea, that is what I meant. They are highly wanted now so I think yoyofactory should make another run of them.


I agree.


Nationals 2008 edition Grind Machine 2 Released October 2008 US Nationals