Greg P.

Greg P can you please make a review of Something Type 2 String by comparing it and giving it pros and con’s?

Haha, that’s one way to get a guy’s attention.

Sure, I can do that.


There’s this thing called PM’s

Part of me was really hoping this was a callout thread posted by GregB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine it… a showdown of the two Greg’s, winner takes all. The glory and the right to the oh-so-sacred of names would be on the line.

May the best Greg win…

Turns out it wasn’t that at all. Probably for the best. ;D


Considering the fact that I’ve only been throwing yoyos for three months,it would be a short contest.:smile:

Clash of the Gregs That would be epic

I’ll do one-handed tricks only!

Wait, I would lose. I only know one one-handed trick. :smiley:

this thread has been officially hijacked…

Well, the thread is called GregP

Nah it should be a style that you both have little to no experience with like offstring or looping or 3A or something

I vote double dragon or mobius

That would work

I have no experience in either of those styles. Nor 4A.

It’s ON! :wink:

i think a double dragon fight between both gregs is a great idea…

Now remembering The Tick vs. The Tick in the old cartoon.

“Okay, I’ll be Barry and you can be the Tick…” passes out

Give them each one string and make them fight over the yo-yo. If they let it stall, both of them are only allowed to throw gift bag yo-yos from kids’ party stores for a month.

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Yes there but this is more cool.

That’s really funny ( may the best Greg win).


Isn’t GregP an awesome yoyo player with years of experience? I’ve been throwing for about 3 months. How do we make this fair? Hmmm. . . Can we add in a beer drinking component? Or perhaps a guitar playing component? I’m pretty good at both of those.

But I am intrigued by a possible challenge.