Great yoyo for unresponsive play?

My birthday is coming up soon and my parents will get me anything that is or under 100$. Any ideas on a good yoyo for unresponsive play?

Find something under $100 and have a great time with it! Code 1 or Code 2 are the way I’d go. These are some personal favorites of mine.

It would be helpful if you told us some of your preferences (What size you like, what shape, what weight, etc.), but like Chris said, the CODE line of yoyos is great. The CODE 1 is a proven throw that is well loved by many. The CODE 2 is newer, and seems to be developing the same feeling around the community as the CODE 1. Both come with the Side Effect system, allowing for a great degree of customization. These essentially allow you to change how your yoyo plays. This is why I reccomend you buy One Drop. Great quality, American-made, amazing play, and excellent customer service. Not to mention the benefit of Side Effects. Shawn and David at One Drop really care about the community; that’s why the CODE yoyos were made.

a supernova is a nice under $100 throw

Save 10 bucks an get te nessie

There’s way to many yoyos out there to just choose from. Would you like a full sized yoyo, or an undersized yoyo? Light or heavy? To better help you you should answer some basic questions.

I love my Dv888 and Yuuksta, they are very solid undersized throws.

I wanted one that was good for grinding, full sized, heavy, and has a wide gap. I forgot to mention that.

CODE2 all the way.

Code 2, or a Burnside. The Burnside is just so floaty, I can not get over it. But there are many other routes you could go too, like RecRev and get like an osscilatrix in pink, which I find to look super awesme!!