Best Yoyo For $100 or Less

I’m not sure what yoyo to get with my $100. I want to get another onedrop yoyo but i also want to try some yoyos from Crucial, Oxygene, SPYY, and CLYW. What should i do?


I was thinking about getting a code 2 but i thought i should get a code 1 first before they get discontinued.

You’ll be able to find CODE1s all over the BST for years and years to come. One Drop made plenty of them and loads of players are constantly trading them back and forth. I wouldn’t ever worry about not being able to find one.

capless is cheap and good :o

They’re harder to find than Code2s. A year ago, yeah, they were everywhere. Now they really only pop up once in a while.

I’d go with a Burnside. only 85 bucks. great yoyo. definitely one of my favorite. only SPYY that retails for under 100 is the Supra, i think. it’s a really good undersized yoyo.

I did seem to notice taht code 1s go for as low as $40, and code 2 can go for as low as $60! So maybe you can buy both, if your patient enough ;)!

I really like the Nessie and the Cascade.