Great Metal


Can you you tell me a good scratch that great cheap metal! right now i have a 888 and a dm and i love them both!

(JosephP) #2



not really picking up what you putting down


I say that all the time. I don’t quite understand either.


I think he means a decent metal for a decent price? Scratch is sometimes used as slang for money.

Hmm… Assuming that is what was meant… The Axiom is really smooth. Then there’s the ton of fundaMETAL’s by YYF which are relatively lower priced. the Auldey’s looked really slick and were only 50ish. Otherwise, OneDrops are nice and pretty popular, you can probably pick one up for cheap on the BST’s.

Hope that’s what you wanted. Happy hunting.


what are some great cheap metals


Yomega Maverick.


i was just talking about one lol


It’s a great yoyo. I have one. A little dinged up but playes great. $25 shipped if you want it.
It’s brocken in and completly unresponsive.


Actually he is basically saying… I want a good, Never mind, screw good. I want a GREAT metal yoyo for cheap…

I’d suggest any of the yyf fundametals… They are all great throws for a very reasonable price… They’re not Maverick cheap though


You got what i was saying


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