i just got my new hardcoat dv888! it is amazing! best grinds i have ever done! (first real metal) it has a slight wobble on a bad throw, but it doesnt matter. it is so great!

Haha kewlio. I’m getting mine next week. :slight_smile:

it will be worth it! and it has a looong sleep time

Real metal?
What would a metal that is not real be?
A bi-metal?
or a Metal Zero?

Metal Zero? Isn’t it metal lol?

what he propalbly means by real metal is that he has part metal yoyos like the xvict and the dm.

(i love the dv888)

I just think it shouldn’t really count as a metal.

But it is. It uses the same metal as most popular metals.

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the only thing i can say bad about my dv888 is the paint job. over on yyn there are people saying there yoyos came pre dinged. so did mine, not big noticeable ones but verry verry small. it does not effect the play. i love my dv888 but i wish yyf could do a better paint job and non dinging job. overall score: 9.5 minus a half point because of the dingage and thin layer paint job.

sorry guys! yeah, i meant a metal zero. but i have bi-metals too. and i meant its the first high performance metal i have. the metal zero imo isnt a great performer

is it possible that the hard coat yo yos come dinged because YYF tests the yo yos durability?

I want to get the DV888 or Hectic. I didn’t want to start a new thread, so any suggestions?

well, from my preferences and the way the dv plays, i would say the dv888, but i havent tried a hectic