Great CUSTOMER SERVICE. Mystery Worlds Box 2015

Just got my Mystery Box from Worlds. I got the Metal Replay and the plastic one. This box was shipped on Saturday all the way to Northern California. Got in 2 days total! Was kind of unhappy because I made the mistake and thought some of the Myatery Boxes would have different throws. This definitely is my fault for not asking about the box. I called YYE and spoke to someone. What great customer service. He explained everything to me. I am more that happy. I found out there are only 500 of each yo yo’ made. Now, I realize how collectible they are. I like them so much, the will sit in the boxes for years. I like collecting and playing with lower end throws. It was a good day. I got my $20 Mag Stiletto today. What a steal. $20 in the box and never saw a string.

Anyway, YYE has great customer service. I will buy another Mystery Box.


Might as well play with them. 500 doesnt exactly make it rare. Probably not going up in value. That is cool to know there is only 500 of em tho.

500 of anything will go up in value for sure. It make take a while but, you young whipper snappers, will have time. LOL I used to have 2 Cold Fusion throws years ago. Barely could sell them. Now they are hard to find. They made thousands and thousands of those.


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In 5 years there will probably only be a few left with no damage and in the box.

Don’t quit yer day job…

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I bought a Cold Fusion a few months ago for $20 lol. The thing is, let’s say you have a 1/500 Nike sneaker, those will go up in value for sure, because of the demand. A 1/500 yoyo, however, especially a <$50 YYF one, will not, because of how few yoyoers there are. Just play it fam.

Yoyoexpert is really great I asked them to delay my order as I wanted to something and they did it without getting annoyed. Best customer service.