Collection Starter Mystery Box

Do you fit either of these descriptions?

I’m new to the yoyo world and I’m overwhelmed by the number of options that are out there. I wish I could try a bunch of different yoyos, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money.
I’ve been throwing for a while now and I know I’m in this hobby to stay, but I just haven’t had the funds to start my own collection. I sure wish I could jumpstart my collection without spending a lot of money.

If the answer is yes then pm me right away. This mystery box is yours for $25 via PayPal goods and services. I’m sorry but due to the ridiculous value that will be included in this box this is only available for shipping in the continental U.S.


What if I don’t fit either and want it anyway :joy:


Ha, I hadn’t considered that! I’m hoping that anyone who doesn’t fit these descriptions will honor the intent of my post.


Yeah I figured that’s what you were goin for :joy:

$25 super low, anything more than a few budget plastics or a pair of budget metals is a really good deal

I’m planning to make it a special deal. I really want it to be a collection starter.


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