A few ideas regarding supernova and mystery box

Havnt been on in a while, but I’d like to put a few ideas out there before I forget… Forgive me if they have already been proposed

  1. an undersized supernova, or something of the like… I happen to think this will go over very well with consumers, and it builds off the alredy established success of the supernova…

  2. a surprise box… I recall there was a fairly recent deal that was called the mystery box which included something like $100 value full of stickers yoyos and accessories for $35 … Well, why not have a surprise box that is always available, something like $80 that comes with a fundametal and a few accessories that costs $80?..

Tell me what you think… Are these good ideas?

i think you are definately on the right track with the surprise box but the only flaw i see in that is most people buy fundemetals because of the amazing play at a fair price so in the box they might get a yoyo that they already have. but this is most definitely a great idea that if it was ever put on the market i would probly buy.

i like the supernova idea, i am in love with the yellowish gold acid wash supernova but i hate that its full sized

It would be a great idea to introduce people into different brands. I still haven’t tried out a YYF metal. Most i’ve tried is a Northstar. I would personally like YYF to come up with a “gift pack” featuring some of YYF’s innovations/popular yoyos, such as:

  1. POPstar
  2. A Hubstacked Yoyo
  3. A fundaMENTAL
  4. A Protostar/Northstar
  5. A Starlite

For a Price like $140. ($25 for POPstar, $60 for Metal, $35 for Plastic No.1, and $25 for Plastic No.2, $30 for accessories, -$10 to promote deals)
I would buy that.
Or, even better, a promotion for every 60 you spend, you get a mystery box worth at least ___! This could be a way to get rid of yoyos that are becoming overstocked. Again, this would seem like a good deal.

I think this could be something more for newer buyers. People with collections might hold back because they wouldn’t want to risk $70-$150, for a yoyo they already have. I think you should make this a lower priced item – $50 or under – and market this towards first or second time buyers who have no collections and generally aren’t sure what they want in a yoyo.

It could include yoyos like:

YYJ Dark Magic II
YYJ Hitman Pro
YYJ SpinFaktor X
YYJ Revolution
YYF Glow-Nasty
YYF Starlite
YYF Northstar
YYF Protostar
YYF Dv888
YYF Speed Dial
Duncan Raptor

and then things like:

Extra, cool colored string
Bearing removal tool
Extra response pads
Trading Cards
Thick/thin Lube
Counter weights

This way instead of having first or second time buyers ask “WHAT YOYO SHOULD I BUY!!!1!”, they have a beginners gift box option. For $50 or less they could get a decent yoyo and all the things someone at this level would need.

What if the box came in different sizes depending on price that slightly dictates which kind of yoyos come in it what accessories are included etc.

And also, what if perhaps this included all products yoyoexpert carries, not limited to yyf???

I think it would be cool if YYE did some sort of “Package” deal where you buy any yoyo and include a pack of strings, lube and some response pads for some extra $.

But people buy them all now?