gravity pull

tell how to do the first trick the gravity pull like the dude in ‘‘learn’’ ??? ??? ???

What yo-yo are you using? Because you can’t do gravity pull with an unrespopnsive yo-yo like the DIE-NASTY.

Hmm. that’s strange, it seems to work fine on all of my unresponsive metals.

Hmm, you should look into that. Das not good.

Lol, I think he knows that.
To mafiota, if you’re using unresponsive yoyos, like the Die Nasty you won’t be able to do it unless you get some Thick Lube.  If you wan tto learn how to return the yoyo to your hand learn to bind.

He knows how to bind. If you want to do Gravity Pull, you can buy yourslf a responsive yoyo, use very thick lube, or maybe just triple wrap the string.