Gravitsky Protostar - a step above?


I got out my 3 old Protostars and a Northstar Fingerspin and threw them yesterday. It had been a long while since I’d done so.

I was suprised to find that one of them, my gold sparkled Gravitsky Protostar was really head and shoulders above the others - an older glow in the dark Proto, a tie-dyed newer Proto, and the Northstar. These last 3 were fairly similar to each other, but the Gravitsky Protostar just outclassed them in spin time and smoothness. Testing for vibe, the others slowed down much faster.

All are stock, no mods or bearing changes. I didn’t find anything on the net.

Make no mistake, my 3 Protos and the Northstar are all great, but the Gravitsky that I have definitely outplays them.

So I’m curious :slight_smile: Was there something special about the Gravitsky Protostar, or did I just hit the jackpot on one particular yoyo that just happened to come out of the machinery that much better?


I don’t know if it was made any different from the others but I do know it’s part of the champions collection


Yes, I noticed that a couple of days after I posted this, and wondered about it. After seeing your posted, I looked into it (I didn’t even know what the Champions Collection signified, exactly).

Of the yoyos I found labeleled CC, some were described as a little different than the non-CC versions, others mentioned nothing other than, say, a different design on the side cap.

I actually think I have another CC in the Equilateral. I got it used and without a box, so I didn’t know.