grau string


grau string? what so great about it?


Lasts forever and whips like a boss.



I like a variety of strings, and my Graou string is one of them. I think that there are plenty of strings that cost less, but are just as great, but they all have different qualities to them.

The Graou string was too stiff at first, but after it broke in, it had a very nice feel to it. 2 weeks later it still has that nice stiff feel to it. I would say that it’s a little stiff and it feels very substantial without being too hefty or thick. It isn’t soft, but it still feels nice when rubbing on my fingers. Mine is starting to get a little dirty, but it isn’t fraying at all, and still feels very strong.

So to answer your question simply, I think that it is a high quality string that was made with a lot of care and attention to detail. It was made to play well and last a long time.

Whether it is worth the $2.50 is up to you and how much your strings matter to you. Many people will be happy just buying bulk string that feels nice to them, and that’s great. Personally, I feel like changing a string completely changes a yoyo, and I like to rotate between my favorite strings regularly. It’s also important to me that a string feels good broken in and lasts a long time. I am not the type to change a string after only a few hours of playing.


what makes it soooo expensive?


Graou strings are all hand made and the material is imported from the UK :wink:

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Not sure why is it so expensive, but it’s really worth it. If I used standard poly instaed of one Graou, it would be around 70+ strings. So make your math.

But I must admit, in Europe their price is around half of what yye asks.


Not that much, but you should Graou earns almost nothing on his strings.