Graou strings?


hey guys, I am about to run out of string and wanted to treat myself. however I’ve found it a little hard to find them. does anyone know where to get them and if they are still available


Looks like you will have to go to European, particularly UK dealers. Just look up graou on the net.

(Rock Shouse) #3


I would drop Andre an e-mail and ask him about these.
He sold me some not to long ago and mentioned that he does not list them on his site…not sure why.

I happen to like these strings, and I bought them from YYE.


You have to email the guy who makes them directly, or as said, buy it from a foreign yoyo store.
Be prepared to pay a bit. Each string is worth more than a buck :stuck_out_tongue:


I got an response email saying that this email doesn’t exist ???


Try this:

Or better yet do as stickman suggested and contact YYE.


Hmmm, Im pretty sure it is the right E-Mail address
I sent them an email myself just now, and it seems fine…
I sent it to


Whew been a while since I’ve seen that name pop up. Reminded me to get some more…


I want to, but the shipping cost is just ughhh

I asked YYE about it, i got a response saying they don’t have any more