Graou string


Hey there ppl
i got question about the strings, Graou one, is it really that durable ? i found review that says it lasts for 30+ hrs or even more that guy said he used it for a one week and it was still ultra gr8, is that really possible? i got one Graou string at home which came with my steamroller didnt used it yet tbh :smiley:
currently i am using YYF 100% poly string green ones and after 1.5h or even less string become fluffy like sheep :stuck_out_tongue: soo has anybody used it?


Yes i have tried some (Please note its been a long time since i played with this string so forgive me in advance if i get some of the info wrong). Graou is worth every penny. I know its slightly thin, whips nicely, holds tension great, and yes it last forever.
I think the only way to order some is emailing Graou is to email him at one to 10 strings : $2.30 (letter)
For 11 to 30 strings : $4.60 (letter)
For 31 strings and more : $7.20 (letter)
For a registered sending, add $7.20

I translated euros to the US dollars for you. :wink:


Oh I forgot each string is worth $1.30


Oh whoops i thought you lived in US terribly sorry for that.


i just used graou for about 2h and its gr8 it stil looks l like brand new one, can some1 explain why is that? that means YYF makes shiity strings?


Its like a bad version of bulk. To make some more money off of. I think its like some kind of low grade bulk string. But I still respect yoyofactory.


YYF string isn’t all that bad. It’s about on par with most other bulk strings. Graou strings last forever but I can’t say I’m terribly fond of the feel and how fast it whips.