Brands of Strings

I was thinking about getting a bunch of different types and brands of string just to test them all out. Can anyone point me to a few different companies/brands outside of what is sold here and give some recommendations? I noticed string tension is very different for every type making it really annoying to get down consistent slacks/etc. Ill try to get a good review down once I get every type of string I can find.


Swagger String!


G string






Angel Hair Strings
Kitty Strings
LNES String
Bungee String (via yoyofargo but he’s in a bit of a rest I believe)

Graou string: expensive “premium” string, lasts forever, great feel, hard to get
Chaos 422: thin string, very unique, I like these, awesome for suicides
Kitty/kitty slim/kitty twist: my favorite “mainstream” strings
Highlights: other mainstream strings, very bright, don’t last long
Chaos 122: very soft string, not a fan
Angel hair: yeaaaaaaa, no, maybe I should try some more (I got a few left) but I’m not a fan, too hard and I don’t think they play that good
G strings: good quality strings, definitely “premium” too
Vulto: very soft, a few people seem to be allergic to these (I am and at least one other person is too)
Snacktime: not a fan, too heavy or “dense” I don’t know

I could live in a world where there were like only graou strings, kitty and 422, these cover the whole spectrum of what I need from a string.

the graou are VERY expensive (I think $1.50 each) but they really do last forever, you can go through a pack of 10 highlights before you get your graou string “half used”, they usually stay on my throws for weeks and then I usually change them because they’re dirty and I don’t ever remember changing one because it was used, I’ve tried once actually but I didn’t “start” it so I don’t know for how long it was on the throw before I got it.

I suggest you try them if you have the chance, the play is also excellent in all situation, they do look very cool, it’s like a ferrari, only in yoyo strings.