Grandma Sandwich

i can get the trick off here and there…its just that i lose so much spin time due to tilt of the initial setup. when i go under with my middle finger after spreading the 2 strings to make th mini box/ bucket(lay it in it) then the Middle finger comes under ( i get it sometimes) but usually i get major tilt, is there a trick behind this to wear it can all be one motion…? i dont have a camera, would definitely be easier…to get help. But if you can understand my babble and know the movement im speaking of, enlighten me if possible. TY

What tutorial are you using, and what time of the video?

1:51 is the moment he shows the movement/set up of what im talkin about

Before I begin lecturing, let me just say that you should probably fix your grammar so that it’s easier to understand. It helps us help you.

Anywho, looks like you can’t move anything but your middle finger. If you move your hand the yoyo will tilt.

Great tutorial and trick, thanks a lot.

Lol he’s asking for help

i guess ill just work at it more,TY for your time…babble= grammar=babble=ape talk…ooh ooh ah ahh…me tarzan…you jane…TY :-*

Yeah he’s right. I used to have trouble with the same thing, then I figured out that your throw hand thumb and pointer have to stay absolutely still, and the string that you pass under the yoyo needs to be a fast movement. Hope this helps.