Grandma kimmit sandwich

I’m having trouble with the first pop and getting to land on my NTH thumb any suggestions?

I have the same problem so yeah can we get some tips please lol

Practice. For this trick what really helped me most is continue trying the trick over and over until I can land it really fluidly.

I’ve practiced the trick all day yesterday and most of the day today I can get sometimes.

Spread your TH pointer open more
And the gap where the yoyo passes though should open a little wider, and that aligns the strings a bit better

I’ve been having more trouble with this trick, when I first start out the trick and roll the yoyo over my TH all the strings bunch up on bearing and then it stops spinning. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Yes. Then just put that string around your thumb under the yo-yo and off to the next pop! Like duskeye0221 said it’ll come with practice. Eventually after repeated trial and error your wrists and fingers “learn” where to go and what to do and it becomes muscle memory.

Hmm… it’s hard to say for sure without actually seeing you do it or at least with the information you provided. Try letting the weight of the yo-yo carry it over and make sure there is no slack in the strings. Hope this helps.

I can do almost all of it. i have trouble with the third pop that lands you in that double triangle thing, the pop where he recommends you drop the string. just can’t do it.

Also when it lands on that string try to hit it as dead center in the gap as possible and keep it there, and give a little slack in the string. Just a little so the yo-yo sits there comfortably. If the string is too tight or rubs up against the yo-yo, it can make the yo-yo lean. This helped me when I was starting to learn this trick, but when you get it down and become faster at it, the slack in the string isn’t really that much of a factor, cause you just pop it off real fast, it barely there. Hope that helps. I love this trick! It’s a great representation of Jensen’s style. Hoppy! Good Luck!

This is the part I had the most trouble with. Practice is my best advice. It’s hard to get into the exact technicalities of it without actually watching you do it, or at least with the information you provided. Watch the video closely, where the strings are, where the yo-yo goes exactly, etc. Yo-yo goes down through the TH triangle, up through the NTH triangle, and back down through the TH triangle. The string that it will land on should be held between your pointer and middle finger on your throw hand , with your thumb in the same loop. If it is positioned correctly it should be right under the triangle and just land right in there. Hope this helps.